Blue Rubber Strap – Rolex Explorer II




The material:
We buy the leather used in production ourselves and test the material through many different ways to make sure that they fulfil our desired standards. For example, we have tested a variety of waterproof types of leather and their friction using wet and dry surfaces, but also their absorption of moisture after 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

We have the necessary means to test and compare the many different kinds of rubber on friction and their chemical properties.


Our goal was to set new standards in quality and design, so something had to be done about the wearing comfort. The result is the latching system which our bands use to secure the band to the watch by two stoppers (end-links), which prevent any shifting and guarantee a high wearing comfort.


Finally, we’d like to give you further information on the material properties:

-Water resistant
-UV resistant
-Heat and cold resistant
-Abrasion resistant
-Stable with various chemicals


Please note:

-Watches NOT included!
-Slight colour deviations due to different monitor settings and lighting conditions during photography possible.


We only use one rubber mixture made up of FKM material. The NBR-rubbers, which can be found on the market, show too many disadvantages like attracting dust and fuzz. Additionally, there are chemical disadvantages, which we cannot accept.

Even among the FKM mixtures there are clear differences. One such difference is the smoothness that can be felt by the customer when wearing them around their wrist. It needs to be soft and flexible but mustn’t be extensible because of these properties.

Furthermore, its performance under certain temperatures, especially in the cold, are important, as it still needs to preserve its flexibility. We had a vast variety of FKM materials sent to us by producers to test the differences. Now we had to find a manufacturer who was willing and able to incorporate the FKM rubber material that we had chosen. Eventually we found a manufacturer in Switzerland.

Rubber material is always striving to be straight, meaning that it works against the rounding of the arm. By using loops this effect is dampened.


The watch straps fit to the following references:


Explorer II


– R-Strap Band
– R-Strap Key Attachment