Novonappa Leather Strap – Rolex Datejust




The material:
We buy the leather used in production ourselves and test the material through many different ways to make sure that they fulfil our desired standards. For example, we have tested a variety of waterproof types of leather and their friction using wet and dry surfaces, but also their absorption of moisture after 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

We have the necessary means to test and compare the many different kinds of rubber on friction and their chemical properties.


Our goal was to set new standards in quality and design, so something had to be done about the wearing comfort. The result is the latching system which our bands use to secure the band to the watch by two stoppers (end-links), which prevent any shifting and guarantee a high wearing comfort.


Finally, we’d like to give you further information on the material properties:

-Water resistant
-UV resistant
-Heat and cold resistant
-Abrasion resistant
-Stable with various chemicals


Please note:

-Watches NOT included!
-Slight colour deviations due to different monitor settings and lighting conditions during photography possible.


We purchase our Novonappa leather directly from the tannery Haas.

This leather became famous under the name of Barenia, which was then trademarked by the company Hermes. It’s a very fine calfskin leather. Originally Novonappa leather, in other words Barenia leather, has been used for the productions of saddles. The leather is tanned twice, once chemically and once vegetable tanned. The production procedure takes about 6 weeks. During this time the leather is treated with 9 different kinds of oil. Because of this elaborate process the leather obtains a very good quality and durability. For instance, its water tolerance is very good. Its design shows a deep brilliance.

Likewise, the enthusiasts of Novonappa leather treasure another property immensely:

The patina

Because of external factors the leather develops a unique patina, which gives each band a unique appearance, since it doesn’t use an aniline finish. Further information can be found in the documents which have been kindly provided by the Haas company.


The watch straps fit to the following references:

Datejust 36

This means that the straps fit all stainless steel and stainless steel-gold datejust models.

EXCLUDING gold models


– R-Strap Band
– R-Strap Key Attachment