The fundamental part of our Classic service is disassembling bracelets using our specialist equipment and then removing all of the pins/tubes from the links in the bracelet (regardless of the wear). This ensures that the new replacement parts have the appropriate dimensions to remove as much of the stretch as possible

Our Classic Service includes:

Strip bracelet down:

  • Disassembling the bracelet allows us to have easier access to the pins and links to be able to make the necessary repairs

Thorough clean:

  • Depending on how often you have worn your watch, there may be quite a bit of dirt/grime on the inside of the links. Using our specialised cleaning equipment, we are able to remove all of that dirt making it easier for us but more importantly, nicer for you when you wear your bracelet!

Pin/tube replacement:

  • Even if your bracelet is not too worn, we remove all pins and tubes (these are normally as old as the bracelet itself!) and use new pins/tubes for the appropriate bracelet to reduce overall stretch upon completion

Clean and polish:

  • This is totally discretionary at your request but normally we will lightly polish a bracelet but if requested, we are able to ‘refurbish’ your bracelet. This means that we will brush finish or gloss finish all the appropriate parts of your bracelet, depending on type and year of manufacture
    • Please Note: not everyone will want to have this type of refurbishment. Some people feel it may de-value a bracelet and others may wish to keep the “wear/scratches” they, or the previous owner, have made over the years from wearing their bracelet


  • We carefully re-assemble all parts of the bracelet to the highest standard using our specialist, in-house machines and give it one final clean for overall finish and hygiene!

Worn pin with a new pin

This image shows the extent to which the pins can wear in the bracelet (Jubilee). The more you wear your prized Rolex, the greater the wear damage and the bigger the risk of losing your bracelet

Stretch removed illustration

This image simply shows the level of stretch that has been removed from this particular Jubilee bracelet. It is important to note, however, that each bracelet has different properties and can have anywhere between 2mm-15mm stretch removed once the repair has been completed

Bracelet Refurbishment

This image shows an Oyster bracelet that has undergone a full refurbishment. As part of both our Service, we do offer this at no extra cost. All steel links are finished with a brushed effect and the gold links finished with a polished, ‘mirrored’ effect.

Our Classic Service costs £380 +VAT, please click the button below to complete the order form!

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Place your order and pay the deposit before sending the bracelet. The deposit is for us to receive your bracelet to inspect it and assess the work required. Once the work is completed and agreed upon by you, the final balance (less the deposit) becomes due. Upon receiving payment, your bracelet will be shipped back to you

Extra Work:

You may have noticed that over time, links have become badly worn or the clasp does not close properly or even both! Our additional work aims to rectify those issues, and more. All potential work will be discussed and agreed upon with you by email and/or by telephone

Our extra work includes:

All of the Classic Service plus as required:

  • The Plus Service includes all parts of the Classic Service plus anything else, such as laser welding, as required. This will all be discussed with you before commencing with the repair!

Repair any damaged links:

  • We use our in-house laser welder to build up any material that has been damaged due to wear & tear to the links, both steel and/or gold (as required), to aid with the overall stretch reduction and making your bracelet safe and wearable again 

Repair of the clasp:

  • Where possible, we may be able to make repairs to the clasp, including:
    • The clasp not closing and locking properly,
    • Any broken pin retaining hoops,
    • Replacing worn rivet pins,
    • Realigning the sides,

Polishing and refurbishment:

  • As all of the above work requires making physical changes to the links, we will nearly always have to refurbish the bracelet (See Classic Service above) to ensure that any work done is not visible

Below are images that show the laser work that we perform to repair steel links. This also applies to gold links

Our additional work is a quoted price based on the amount of work that needs doing. Please click the button below to complete the order form and in the message field please state what additional work you feel may be required

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When we receive your bracelet we will inspect it and send you a detailed description (by email) of the work required and what this will cost. If you agree with the estimate, we will go ahead with the work. If you do not proceed with the order, we will pack and ship your bracelet back to you